HVB-IMTC bvba beschikt ook over de rijstkaf van het bedrijf Agromil uit Italië. Rijstkaf wordt gebruikt om de filtratie in de filterkuip te verbeteren.
  • Rijstkaf BIORIZ  (200 l)

HVB-IMTC bvba verdeelt verschillende hulpstoffen van het bedrijf Brenntag:
  • Melkzuur - Purac 80 (6 kg / 25 kg)
  • Fosforzuur 75 % (34 kg)
  • Zwavelzuur 96 % (34 kg)
  • Calciumchloride 33 % (34 kg)
  • Calciumchloride kristallen 77-80 % (25 kg)
  • Calciumsulfaat Dihydraat kristallen (25 kg)
  • Zinkchloride kristallen (25 kg)
  • Vitamine C (25 kg)

HVB-IMTC bvba verdeelt verschillende enzymen van o.a. Brewline, ... :

  • CraftZYM Diamond (1 kg)
    • CraftZYM® Diamond hydrolyses the clogging beta-glucans found in the
      wort, optimises and reduces filtration time with no loss in malt quality,
      facilitates WHIRLPOOL clarification. Add to the mash water.
  • CraftZYM Emerald (1 kg)
    • CraftZYM® Emerald is a highly active enzyme preparation based on
      ß-glucosidase. By increasing the extraction rate of the aromatic active
      ingredients from the hops, it promotes and strengthens the aromatic
      expression of your beer. CraftZYM® Emerald is especially suitable for “dryhopped”
  • CraftZYM Opal (1 kg)
    • CraftZYM® Opal liquefies starch into fermentable sugars and soluble
      dextrins, decreases the the viscosity of the wort and increases the yield of
      the brew. Use during mashing.
  • AMG - Amyloglucosidase (1 kg / 5 kg)
    • Use for production Brut - IPA's

HVB-IMTC bvba verdeelt verschillende additiven :
  • Protafloc Tablets (2 kg )
    • Carrageenan
  • CraftSol (1 / 6 kg) NEW
    • Craft Sol is a suspension of colloidal silica. It adsorbs proteins for the haze allowing to improve the clarification of the wort, by an addition at the end of boiling, and beer by addition during ageing.
  • PGA (1 kg poeder / 25 kg oplossing)
    • Propylene glycol alginate
  • Brewtan B (5 / 25 kg) NEW
    • Brewtan B is a high molecular weight food grade hydrolysable tannic acid specially purified for brewing applications.
    • Brewtan B can be added at mashing-in to improve flavour stability. When used at mashing-in a remarkable improvement of
      lautering performance can be achieved, with improved brewhouse yields and higher extraction quality.
    • By using Brewtan B at boiling haze forming proteins are selectively removed already early on in the brewing process and final colloidal stability is significantly improved.